An editorial illustration for Twin Cities Pride Magazine.

I had the pleasure of creating an illustration to accompany Lisa Marie Brimmer‘s poem, “FIFTY YEARS LATER AND”. I was moved by the imagery of “fetish red lacquer lips nails fishnets” as well as the overall tone to “CELEBRATE” queerness, transness, fierceness, Blackness, and Browness & “DECLARE” agency over our spaces, our lives, our bodies.

POWER is inspired by Marsha P. Johnson‘s fortitude and leadership during the Stonewall Uprisings (aka “Stonewall Riots”) of 1969. The Stonewall Uprisings are known as the beginning of the gay liberation movement and what we know as Pride today.

Lisa’s poem and my illustration were published side-by-side in the June 2019 issue of Twin Cities Pride Magazine (online and print).

Completed May 2019.