Asian American Youth Storytellers

a youth-led research & art project.

Asian American Youth Storytellers (AAYS) is a youth-led research & art project founded by Khin Oo and me. In January 2019, Khin and I launched an online campaign to recruit a cohort of 6 Asian American youth conducting intergenerational oral interviews on Asian American activism and creating art based on their findings. Khin and I facilitated weekly cohort meetings from February – May, in which the cohort created inquiry, research, and art together.

The visual and written art and research were self-published in a zine. In June 2019, we held an arts exhibition and zine launch party featuring the work of the cohort members: Ayize James, Hannah Soundrarajan, Thet-Htar Thet, Ahnali Tran, Xais Nathan Vang, and Seng Xiong.

You can view pictures from the launch, the zine, and more about the project on the AAYS website.

Cover art by Ahnali Tran.
Cover design by Xais Nathan Vang.

Completed June 2019.