About the Artist

Encouraged by friends and family, my affinity for drawing began in kindergarten. At the age of 13, I became deeply embedded in internet fan cultures and taught myself how to create graphics and digital illustrations.

As an adult, I launched Art by Tori Hong (2017). My illustrations trace the ingenuity of the natural world and the legacies of my cultures. My work simultaneously has nostalgic and future-facing qualities to it, tethering itself to the present. Using bold lines and vibrant colors, I queer my Hmong, Korean, and diasporic American roots.

I co-founded and facilitated a youth-led research & art project called Asian American Youth Storytellers (2019). I also created a quarantine activity booklet, The Growbook (2020).

Select clients include Minneapolis Institute of Art [1] [2], Mannschaft Magazin [3], and Springboard for the Arts [4].

Photograph by Angelina Hong Media.