Paj Ntaub Process

paj ntaub front n back - online.jpg

Hmong textile art is called paj ntaub. It is something that has been passed on from mother to daughter, from grandmother to grand-daughter for hundreds of years. It is a form of art that is hand-stitched into our clothing, which contains our hidden language and our stories. Paj ntaub is a mark of Hmong resilience, creativity, and culture.

This is my first paj ntaub I have done. This piece is a significant marker for my identity exploration, especially in terms of reclaiming and creating what it means to be “Hmong” (represented by the front side of the paj ntaub – the right side of this image) and the messy and non-linear journey it takes to get there (represented by the back side of the paj ntaub – the left side of this image).

This was one of two paj ntaub projects I exhibited at the 2016 Shades of Yellow (SOY) New Year on April 2nd, 2016.

I would like to thank the Hmong Museum of Minnesota for preserving, making relevant and sharing the art of paj ntaub.

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